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Thread Inspection Service

We are proud to introduce SlimDril Inspection Services, a new service line of an
established company that delivers first-class products & services to its clients across a broad range of industries. SlimDril commenced a non-destructive testing business unit after demands from our clients as there was no representation for
tubulars/thread inspection in the area. Our inspector has over 30 years of
tubular/thread inspection & NDT knowledge and formerly worked for Tubecare
Inspection. We can provide a range of NDT inspection & repair services including,
machining, renovation and asset management solutions for the HDD, Oil & Gas, Utilities, Marine and Construction sectors.


SlimDril Limited was formed in early 1990’s to provide Support Services to the HDD & Oil & Gas Sectors and has worked successfully over that time. However we were increasing having to seek inspection and repair either in Aberdeen or the
Netherlands but after searching ourselves and listening to our clients we implemented an inspection and renovation service to our business covering the
Southern UK to the HDD & Oil/Gas industry with the core business being the nondestructive testing of down hole rotary equipment and production tubing and
casing. These services have grown since we started in September 2021 to meet the
market demands and requirements of the area. SlimDril Inspection Services is
establishing an impeccable reputation not only for a comprehensive range of nondestructive inspection and testing procedures, but also its machining services and for the high quality of service, storage, asset management and advice that we give to our clients whatever their needs.


We have always been ready and willing to offer a level of service above and beyond
to our vast client network, indeed sometimes out-with normal contractual
requirements, and this is one of the factors that bring many clients to regard SlimDril
Limited as their long-term partners for service support. They trust us and rely upon our considerable expertise to apply consistent, dependable best-practice in highlyspecialised area of their operations. We are ready to meet any client requirement whether planned or an emergency at any time of day or night.
Please feel free to contact any of our team with any queries for any HDD/ Oil/Gas
Non Destructive testing & Inspection or any of our other services and we will
endeavor to assist in any requirements you may have

Office Contact details: Tel: 01493 645656 Email: sales@slimdril.com

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