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Small Rig Swivels


SlimDril’s Range of Small Rig Swivels offers the Drilling Contractor a quality durable swivel at a competitive price. SlimDril’s Small rig range features:


  • Patented Sealing system
  • One piece construction of shaft and Clevis
  • Clevis to Clevis Design
  • Side Grease Nipple for power Greasing


Big Rig Swivels

SlimDril offers a full range of Big Rig Swivels, manufactured in Europe using heavy duty SKF Bearings.

  • Swivels are manufactured from 4145 High Tensile Steel
  • One piece Shaft and Clevis
  • Box to Clevis or Clevis to Clevis Design
  • Side Grease point with sealed system keeping Bentonite out

Please note: The Capacity listed in the downloadable datasheet is the dynamic capacity of the bearing not just the strength of the supporting steelwork




Small Rig Swivels