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At SlimDril we think differently……our goal is to enhance our clients as partners in supporting you to deliver better on contracts through great advice, training and products. We work with you right from the design phase through to the execution of the project and are even able to offer post project support.  We like to reflect on the project with you and help recognize how we can assist you to achieve more for future projects.


For over 30 years SlimDril has been a leading Guidance service and tooling company providing products, training and advice to the UK, European and Worldwide markets.

SlimDril started life as a mud motor product for the Oil and Gas businesses with a focus on downhole tooling and mud motors.   We then expanded into Guidance services in the 1990’s with the addition of wireline steering tools. In 2018 we acquired new proprietors, and a new focus on the import and distribution of quality equipment for the HDD industry.


Moving to a new 800 square meter facility in 2019 saw exciting changes which now allows us to provide a vast range of HDD tooling & accessories at the drop of a hat to further support any size project at any location.  Our aim is to help you and support you and your business.  



Introducing Our New Product: MuDD Dry

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